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Come join the Krewe that has the most fun in the Pensacola area.  The Krewe of Bananimals welcomes everyone.  There are no initiations, no tough requirements.  All we want are people that want to have fun not only during Mardi Gras buy year round.  Out top goal is to have fun and we even help a few charities along the way.  We are;
"Rude - Crude - Socially Unacceptable"

2018 King and Queen of The Krewe of Bananimals
King Nick Radcliffe / Queen Pam Whitmer

Royal Court - King Nick Radcliffe, Queen Pam Whitmer, Duke Dave Parsons, Duchess Jamy Erwin

If any of our officers can help you please send us a note and the proper officer will contact you

Send inquires or questions to:


President - Top Banana
Nick Radcliffe

Vice President
Lynn Parsons

Terri Kelly

Jamy Erwin


Darra Flanagan

Sheila Henley

Jerry Wright

Tim Morgan

you can be a Bananimal 

You have seen us everywhere, partying, parading and providing local charities with support they desperately need.  If you enjoy people, having fun and a group that likes to help others you need to be a Bananimal.  Select "Join us" below and come play with us

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